Who we are?

“KOOTU-K-KURAL” (The Collective Voice)

“Kootu-k-kural”, the theatre movement was started in 1992 after realizing a strong need to have a development communication media to convey the messages among the illiterate mass.  From the people few socially concerned youths have volunteered themselves to form the theatre group with the basic theatre skills they obtained the group was able to take up relevant themes for generating awareness among the public which had made our interventions easy and meaningful. 
Over the years, the team has grown up into an amateur theatre group, which has 16 members now.  They have number of plays ready in hand and whenever there is an opportunity they perform it before the public.  Though there are many invitations from the groups, they are not able to attend all, because they are working as volunteers without honorarium and they have other occupations too.  The experience over the years strengthened our confidence in attempting a professional approach to the theatre media, which is the need of the hour.