Vision & Mission

The main objectives of the group are to enlistment of the Depressed Community people especially Dalits, Women and Children through alternative media.

  • To create theatrical awareness among various sections of society especially students in Pondicherry and elsewhere.
  • To help in effective implementation of socio, economic, developments programme in Govt. and other sectors.
  • To conduct theatre workshops, seminars, conferences and festivals in urban centers as well as villages.
  • To form theatre groups among students in co-operation with the school and college authorities.

Our mission is to organize Workshops, Trainings, Seminars and street theatre performance. Through the skits, plays, documentary films, feature film and folk arts form to give awareness to the public. Since twelve years we have conducted our performance at State, National level.  We performed in World Social Forum 2004 held in Mumbai.  We participated in Asian Social Forum and proved our skill and theatre expression. 

We conducted various programmes with the support of our NGO's and Peoples Movements.  The main impacts of our performance were evaluated and collected the information from different audiences, groups.  We got the training from the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts, in Pondicherry University.  The professional artists are working in our group as volunteers and doing the work for the development of Dalit Empowerment and Women Empowerment.